Good decision, bad decision…make a decision

Do you suffer from DPS…Decision Paralysis Syndrome?

Do you panic that you might make the wrong decision so you put it off until it’s too late? Or worse, decide to put it up to a vote?

Imagine if the military operated that way. Our troops would be ambushed while their COs finished a round robin tournament of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Decision making is a critical function of leadership. And, more to the point, indecision disqualifies you from the role.

If you aren’t willing to make decisions (yes, even unpopular ones), you can’t lead – no matter what your job title.

  • Michael Saul
    Posted at 15:46h, 19 December Reply

    I tihnk DPS is the result of making too many bad decisions in a row, or a bunch of them over a short period of time. Yeah, we can say bad decisions come with the territory, but the truth is too many of them chip away at your confidence and have you start second guessing yourself. Which of course, leads to no decisions being made at all, thus rendering you useless. And…if you work for an evil corner office troll and you make a few crappy decisions, you won’t have to chip away at your confidence, it will be sandblasted away by them.

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